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The core work of the Living/Dying Project is about healing

The core work of the Living/Dying Project is about healing, healing our body, our mind, and our spirit, healing that is inspired and motivated by the preciousness of human life itself and by the fact that we will all die but we do not know when.

We serve four groups of people:

  • caregivers
  • healthcare professionals
  • those facing a life-threatening illness
  • anyone on the path of spiritual awakening who wishes to deepen their practice

For anyone confronting a life-threatening illness or caring for someone with a critical illness, finding conscious and compassionate emotional and spiritual support for deep healing is essential.

Online Counseling & Workshops

For those of us who are not facing a life-threatening illness or caring for some who is, can our mortality and the preciousness of life inspire us also to plunge fully into this work? Using wisdom gathered from decades of guiding the dying, from intensive meditative and devotional practices, and from studying how our psychological development often limits the fruits of our mindfulness and our spiritual practice, we offer live at-a-distance counseling via telephone and Skype.

Internet-based live, interactive workshops and groups designed for deep exploration and manifestation of healing are available. These services are appropriate both for those exploring end-of-life issues as well as those wanting to deepen their spiritual practice.

San Francisco Bay Area Weekly Groups

For those living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dale facilitates Healing at the Edge ongoing, weekly small groups for anyone who wishes to come together in a supportive healing family. Deepen compassion. Avoid compassion burnout.

The map of the healing path that we use is not a shortcut, but it avoids the detours and roadblocks that are common for the modern seeker. We are all caregivers and we are all seekers of healing.

Healing at Our Edge and Conscious Living, Conscious Dying:
Two Virtual Online Programs

We have new course offerings that include live and virtual programs.

Free Online Resources

Dale was interviewed recently on the Mindpod Network. The podcast called From
Listen to an interview with Dale Borglum on the podcast called From Fear to Being Right Here.
Listen to Dale’s guided meditations on the free smart phone app Insight Timer.

Listen to Dale’s guided meditations on the free smart phone app Insight Timer.

Click here for Dale’s interview with Buddha at the Gas Pump.

You can also hear it as a podcast at here. Check out the Buddha at the Gas Pump site. They have archived interviews with over 250 “ordinary spiritually awakening people.”

Upcoming and Recent Events
Ongoing Groups There are a few spaces available in my weekly
Healing at the Edge groups.
For more information please call 415.456.3915 or email: info@livingdying.org
For more information click here.

Upcoming Workshops

Worldwide Insight, online class, July 24 11, AM PDT, https://www.worldwideinsight.org

Passion and Compassion, Menla Institute, July 28 – 31, Phoenicia NY, http://menla.org/index.php

The Buddhist Path, Menla Institute, July 31 – August 2, Phoenicia NY, http://menla.org/index.php


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The Boundless Heart Of Great Compassion:
Living life consciously and compassionately Eventually leading to a conscious death
Saturday, September 17, 20l6 the Redwood Playhouse, 286 Sprowel Creek Rd., Garberville
$75.00 workshop fee paid in advance.
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
For more information and how to reserve your place in the workshop, please contact
Gretchen Anne at 707-223- 0440
6 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) available to M.F.T., R.N.s and L.C.S.W.

Yoga and Deep Healing of Critical Illness
, Sivananda Yoga Farm, Grass Valley CA, Sept 30 – Oct 2, https://sivanandayogafarm.org


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Healing at the Edge:
Practices for Living and Dying
Portland Oregon

October 28 | 7:00–9:00 pm
October 29 | 9:30 am–4:30 pm First Unitarian Church Eliot Center
1011 SW 12th Avenue, Portland
Early discount before 10/1
For information contact Betsy Toll at betsy.toll@gmail.com.
Register at: Living Earth

Friday only: sliding scale $10-$25 | Saturday only: $150 (before Oct. 1: $125) Students: $90 at the door, with 2016-17 school ID

Passion and Compassion, Caregiving for Self and Others, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, November 20, 9:30 – 4:30, Woodacre, CA.


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Working with Life-Threatening Illness in Psychotherapy: Using Spiritual and Psychological Tools
Presented by Dale Borglum, PhD
Saturday, December 3, 2016 | 9 am – 1 pm

Location: CIP Group Room, 1330 Lincoln Ave # 201, San Rafael, CA 94901
Cost: Non Members: $75 early registration up to 10 days prior to class, $85 after
CIP Members: $50 early registration, $60 after, CEs: 4 CEs for LMFTs, LCSWs, and Psychologists.

The prospect of death and catastrophic illness evokes feelings of uncertainty, depression, and anxiety, among others, in both the patient and the caregiver. This class will present both ideological points of view and practical tools for psychotherapists to understand and work with those facing a serious illness.

Mission Statement

Imagine facing death
without fear.

Imagine using
a life-threatening
illness as an opportunity
for spiritual awakening.

Imagine approaching
the unknown with
an open heart.

We often resist change
as a natural part of life.

Strength and healing
can be found in life’s
most difficult situations.

The Living/Dying Project
offers compassionate
support in the spirit of
mutual exploration to
those facing life-
threatening illness.

Not only is another world possible,
she is on her way.
On a quiet day,
I can hear her breathing.
~~ Arundhati Roy