Dear Ones,

As we enter into summer, I am moved by the words of one participant at the Spring Retreat in Taos who had been dealing with a very challenging time. Dale’s talk was a turning point and it resonated deeply. The meditation practice he taught had a profound effect and the participant wrote that they “became proportionally free of my clinging and also joyful to feel the freedom of my heart opening. It’s been a year since my heart has truly opened and this was a blessing, the grace of Maharaj-ji for sure. Wow!

Earlier this year we supported client Derrick as he was caregiving for his dying mother and he wrote about the experience:

Being here is so much harder than I thought it would be, it is truly incredible. I just got done sleeping in the recliner next to her through the night, giving meds every few hours and readjusting her, checking on needs. I do think her time is finally near. It is so hard to see her like this.

I don’t know I would be able to do this without the continual support, encouragement, friendship, and guidance you have given over these many months since this began. I am so thankful for you and Living/Dying Project. The work you all are doing is so so difficult, and so so important. Thank you. 🙏💙

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Derrick, Caregiving Client

Another client of our Open Circle Program wrote to us saying:

I wanted to let you know that the [volunteer] who has been assigned to me to assist me on a one-on-one basis, has turned out to be just a super amazing resource! One of the things that makes that the case is the mutuality of benefit for BOTH of us as we explore what comes up during each session. 

In sum, it’s seems unlikely I could say enough good things about The Living/Dying Project. I am too grateful for words to You, Dale and others in the LDP Family for the gifts & blessings I’m receiving.

So far in the first half of this year, we’ve held 52 online support groups and have reached over 1,200 individuals, providing a haven of connection and growth. While some individuals participated in multiple groups, we’re seeing positive momentum. Our social media audience has skyrocketed cumulatively to over 45,000 followers and subscribers, and our podcast has gotten 18,552 listens, proving that impact and the Project’s mission is resonating.

We’re thrilled to welcome remarkable new board member Pamela McQueen, and we’ve bolstered our volunteer force by 25 passionate individuals along with improving our volunteer onboarding experience. We recently hosted a sold-out retreat, and 2 more impactful projects are on the horizon (stay tuned). Our tentative Guest Speaker lineup for the fall is poet John Fox, palliative care consultant Ladybird Morgan, founder and director of Homeboy Industries Father Gregory Boyle, psychedelic pioneer James Fadiman, and Grammy-nominated artist and dear friend, Jai Uttal. To top it off, a brand new website is coming! These initiatives all fuel our mission to reach more people, offer greater support, and amplify the power of service.

Would you consider making a donation and share our vision of supporting those dealing with end-of-life issues? Your generosity has played a crucial role in our past achievements and we continue to move forward. Your contribution is tax-deductible, and we will provide a receipt for your records.

Thank you for considering our appeal. We are immensely grateful for your support, and we look forward to sharing the impact of your generosity with you.

With heartfelt gratitude,
Aurora Leonard
Associate Director

We are grateful to announce a generous bequest of $204,000 from the estate of Patricia Slomski, a longtime friend of the Living/Dying Project. Patricia became involved with the Project in 1995 and gave generously until her recent passing. Patricia’s compassion and foresight will allow us to improve our resources for those seeking guidance, knowledge, and support for conscious living and dying.

Her gift will have a lasting impact on our ability to serve. A portion of these funds will help fund the finishing stages of a new upcoming website that will provide easier navigation and more comprehensive information and resources. This website will be a vital resource for those seeking refuge and for those facing end-of-life issues.

The remaining funds will go towards supporting the ongoing operations of the Living/Dying Project, ensuring we can continue to serve our community. We are incredibly thankful for Patricia’s generosity, which will make a real difference in the lives of those we serve.

Patricia’s generosity is an inspiration to us all. If you are considering making a bequest to Living/Dying Project in your will or trust, please know you would be leaving a legacy that will have a lasting impact for those dealing with end-of-life issues and the people who love them. Please reach out to us either through email or call 415.456.3915.

Together, we can ensure that everyone has access to the support and resources they need to live and die with wisdom and compassion.

Hollyhock Retreat