A Practical Guide to Freedom:

The Stages of Awakening

4-part audio course with RamDev Dale Borglum 

From confusion and overwhelm to clarity and conscious living 

In this transformational course, RamDev Dale Borglum outlines the spiritual path by exploring the stages and steps along the way. He gives us a structure for healing along with practical tools for revealing and resting in the whole, sacred nature of our being. Come away with the wisdom and practices to integrate and embody the stages of the spiritual path so you can begin to let go and surrender into living from the boundless nature of the heart.

“Trust that this moment contains the perfect and next step on our path to realizing our inherent wholeness.”
– RamDev Dale Borglum

Who is this course for?

This course is for those who are interested in conscious living and who want to deepen the understanding of the spiritual path. Living consciously includes investigating how we see the world through the lens of our desires, attachments, and preferences and how we view ourselves. How do we use these life experiences and events to realize our True Nature, to be closer to God(dess), and to awaken out of the illusion of our separateness? There is a never ending supply of spiritual teachings and it’s incredibly useful to have a clear framework of the path to see where you are on the journey.

It’s of crucial importance to look at your foundation of the spiritual path — motivation. What motivates you to take the next step toward this investigation of your life? If you notice your life is on automatic pilot and there is a longing for connection, wisdom, and wholeness, then this is for you.

Do you want to wait for crisis to be deeply motivated to awaken?

Dale has been at the bedside of the dying for over 40 years and has seen first-hand how the loss of a loved one can bring to the surface all of one’s fears, hidden resentments, distress, and confusion. Nurturing our spiritual life now and cultivating trust in our inherent wholeness can help meet these moments of uncertainty with grace, surrender, and an open heart.

This robust 4+ hour, self-paced audio program includes 19 lessons and guided meditations bundled into 4 practical modules and includes transcripts. The wisdom encased within is the blossoming of Dale dedicating over five decades of his life to the practices of devotion, meditation, contemplative prayer, and studying with many of the greatest masters of the last century.

All of the lessons are to awaken to this: Your inherent wholeness is always available and you can rest in the boundless nature of the heart.

This course is a valuable resource that will benefit you to revisit as you progress along the healing path and find yourself in different stages of awakening.

Your purchase of this course helps support and fuel the mission of the Living/Dying Project. Thank you!

Add these practices to your toolbox:

  • Deepening spiritual motivation
  • Bridging spirituality with our humanity through being grounded and centered
  • Building the foundation in the body for an open heart through embodied mindfulness
  • Cultivating compassion, devotion, forgiveness, gratitude, and loving-kindness even in times when things are difficult
  • Diving into the heart to release stories and attachments and open to the way things actually are
  • The Tantric Three-Step: a practical approach to navigating challenging emotions
  • Connecting to the Divine Feminine which connects us to the earth, to each other, and to ourselves
  • Trusting your sacred nature and who you authentically are 
  • Meeting suffering with an open heart
  • Finding freedom in the here and now
  • Resting in non-duality

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– $99 in full and you get immediate access to all course material
2 monthly payments of $49.50 and you will receive access to final 5 lessons after your 2nd successful payment

Course Syllabus


Module 1

The Journey of Awakening:

Living the Five Stages

Motivation, Trust, and Compassion

Grounding, Centering, and Opening the Heart

Tantra, Empowerment, and Wholeness

Guided Meditation: Trust and the Heart


Module 2

The Healing Path:

Connecting Spirituality with Our Humanity

The 4 Thoughts That Turn the Mind from Samsara

Becoming Grounded and Centered

The Qualities on an Open Heart

Realizing the Sacred Nature of Everything

Guided Meditation: Surrendering into Spaciousness

Q&A: Motivation, Practice, and Paradox


Module 3

A Summary of the Path:

Motivation, Embodied Mindfulness, &


The Paradox of Spiritual Motivation

Autonomy, Independence, and the Superego

Using the Mind While Not Losing the Heart

Integration and the Compassionate Heart

Practices for Opening the Heart


Module 4

The Journey to Wholeness:

Perspectives on the Path


The 3 Schools of Buddhism

The Chakras in Early Childhood Development

Relationship, Boundaries, and Opening the Heartmind

Guided Meditation: Realizing Our Inherent Wholeness

Bonus: Live Q&A

The core work of the Living/Dying Project is healing — healing of body, mind, and spirit — and we have a strong belief that living an awakened life leads to less violence, hatred, suffering in the world and more acceptance, connectedness, and love. These profound teachings serve as a holistic and practical guide to Freedom and we hope you join this offering.

What Participants Are Saying From Dale’s Previous Workshops And Courses:

I was highly impressed by this offering. Dale was a wonderful presenter who could lead and facilitate in a focused, ease-filled way. He made accessible some very deep topics that have many layers, giving us bites that were digestible, usable, and offered entry points to deeper consideration and practice.
– Annice

It was a tremendous amount of important information not covered in such scope elsewhere.
– Dov

I have been studying with and really appreciating the support and guidance of Dale for probably about five years now. I have participated in his workshops a number of times in the last five years, some of his courses I have repeated simply because there is so much depth and opportunity for contemplation and introspection and compassionate growth. [It’s] just a real heart centered approach to life, that there’s always something new that he provides.
– Carly

Dale made the information and experiences accessible to people with a wide variety of spiritual and professional backgrounds by exercising attunement to individuals and the group. He balanced a lot of factors well.
– Tami

Dale is such a fantastic speaker, a fantastic teacher. Also the fact that he comes from a Western background and that he got a PhD and comes from a place of logic is something I really relate to. His teachings are so very clear. I can relate to them. He’s fully human. He shows us humanity. And it’s been one of the great gifts in my life to study with Dale.
– Chris

Who is your teacher?
Dale Borglum, Ph.D. is the founder and Executive Director of the Living/Dying Project and co-author of Journey of Awakening: A Meditator’s Guidebook (Bantam Books). For over 40 years, RamDev Dale Borglum has sat with thousands of people in their moment of dying, and with their families and caregivers, learning valuable insight on conscious living from those he worked with. He ran the Dying Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the early 1980s where many spent their final months and days. Together, Dale, Stephen Levine, and Ram Dass taught workshops throughout the country addressing topics on aging, suicide, healing, spiritual practice, conscious living and dying, and so much more, while working with thousands as they faced various personal crises. He is a seasoned practitioner in both meditative and devotional traditions, and continues to use his wealth of experience and the teachings passed down to him to offer support for others.

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