This post will be the first of an ongoing blog that will explore working with fear, cultivating compassion for self and others, creating an awareness that is embodied, that is grounded and centered and what happens when we die.

Motivation is crucial in the spiritual process.

Particularly now there is so much fear all around, we need strong motivation to work with what we are feeling rather than getting lost in the collective emotional environment of fear. Two contemplations for deepening motivation are:

“You’re going to die but you don’t know when”
“Life is precious”

As the emotional and financial effects of the pandemic come into focus, these two truths are suddenly and often uncomfortably pushed to the front of our minds. How do we respond to these truths?

Can the fact that death is certain but the hour of death is uncertain inspire us to be fully alive, kinder, more generous, rather than retreating into fear?

Please consider letting this truth become a contemplation rather than just an idea. How do you want to inhabit this day, this hour, this moment not knowing how many more there will be? Can we learn to become aware of the difference between uncertainty and anxiety? #Meditation