Conscious Caregivers Support Group

Conscious Caregivers Support Group meets on Zoom, every 2nd Sunday at 10 am Pacific/ 1pm Eastern.
You may drop in any day. Facilitated by Jinn Fauvre.

This is a small, intimate group for caregivers of loved ones who are critically ill. It addresses the intense and myriad situations that occur when a household – or a family  – or a friendship – is interrupted by an alarming mortal diagnosis, a relational shock that affects heart, mind and soul of those involved.  The group offers reflections on all levels of healing, ways we can use the situation to know ourselves better and to uncover our innate resources of love, compassion and wholeness.  

Years ago, my husband died of pancreatic cancer.  I felt all the feelings: the love that was the core of our relationship, the frustrations of feeling helpless to fix things, the anger at the situation, and the knowledge that Love was the ultimate healer. I welcome your participation. 

If you’d like to receive email reminders for when the group meets,
please email and request to join the Caregiver Support Group email list.
Visit our calendar to see when the next meeting is.

Free with donations accepted
($10 suggested donation)