Consulting Services from Dale Borglum

Consulting is available for the following groups:

Possible formats include:
weekend workshop,
longer meditation retreat,
staff retreat,
keynote address,
and one-to-one consulting.

Possible topics include:
the path to wholeness,
passion and compassion,
an integrative spiritual path leading to healing,
conscious dying,
grief as the garden of compassion,
caregiving as a spiritual practice,
embodiment as a foundation for surrender,
embodied non-duality,
an experiential overview of the path of meditation,
working with emotions,
the path of devotion,
the Christian path of healing.

Please contact Living/Dying Project’s Executive Director, Dale Borglum, PhD, at 415-456-3915 for more information.

I discovered Dale in January and was so impressed that I immediately started studying with him. Dale has helped me profoundly in my practice and in my life. Together, we’ve been exploring how to: be grounded and centered, develop true open-heartedness, and  live a life of unconditional compassion. I had felt stuck and Dale helped me re-discover the joy of practice and living. He asked me, “Does the dharma bring you joy?” By meditating on this question, my heart opened and I truly felt joy, in practice and in my life. He’s also helped me ‘experience’  lovingkindness practice in my heart and in my body. We are looking at the meaning and pursuit of enlightenment and how to work with grief and loss, and how by letting these emotions in and by experiencing them openly, we become fully connected, one with all things.
– Jim S

Hi Dale!  I just want to take a moment to tell you how very thankful I am to have you in my life, to have you for a teacher.  Our meetings are a highlight of my week and, I believe, help sustain me in ways I’m hardly conscious of.  I appreciate your faithfulness to Source, the seriousness with which you take a spiritual worldview, and I especially am drawn to your modest and unapologetically human way of being. By that I mean, you’ve always demonstrated to me a willingness to own your own shadow, mistakes, and less than noble side.  A great model. I feel very fortunate to be among your students right now.  Growing and learning with you has more than fulfilled my original purpose of expanding my capacity for conscious contact with my Higher Power.  It is allowing me to meet a variety of life challenges with more hope, strength, and wisdom than I otherwise would have had. Thank you again. I am proud to call you Friend as well as Teacher.
Love, Sandy S

I recommend anything that Dale teaches.
– Ram Dass[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]