Denlow’s Poem
My Four Corners 8/25/08

My East

Scatter my ashes there
Where my life began
Where my seed began to germinate
That land where the three rivers meet
High up the river so that I will float down
Past all those places I played as a boy
Those precious pools of innocence
Back to my beginning, scatter me there

My South

Scatter my ashes there
Where my character developed
Where I finally took root
That valley beneath those golden bluffs
Under the cedar, where my mother spirit rests
In memory of times so happy and creative
I learned much about the world, myself as well
Back to my enlightenment, scatter me there

My West

Scatter my ashes there
Where I found my love
Where my universe blossomed
That hill with its hallowed halls of higher learning
Under the oak in the meadow, where I reveled free
A bacchanal with memories that will last lifetimes
Friendships forged, bonds unbreakable, love everlasting
Back to less troubled times, scatter me there

My North

Inter my ashes there
Where my life draws to an end
Where my life grew into fruition and went to seed
That land north of the bay where the sleeping maiden lay
In those valleys below my heart found its home
My perfect home, my beautiful wife and daughter, my love
Hopefully, I leave enough behind, my legacy of words
Take me to my ending, inter me there


Attached is a PDF file that essentially replicates what was presented in the newsletters, including photos, graphical images and related poems. I also add at the end a final poem from Denlow titled “Terminal Velocity.” This document also includes color photos rather than the black and white photos used in the newsletter.