ldp-donate-nowRealize that any donation you make will be used well and will be received with gratitude. The Living/Dying Project supported over 600 direct client service encounters in the last calendar year. Most of our work is done by volunteers and our overhead is low. About $55 would fund one of these support meetings with a client.

Through you we are able and honored to assist people at their most sacred and vulnerable time, when we are facing death. For those with life threatening illness and for their loved ones, we are honored to offer one-on-one spiritual support. We continue to educate people about conscious dying and are honored to assist people through grief and life transformation.

We are a non-profit with the mission to healing our collective and individual relationships through the awareness of conscious dying, through education and free one-on-one spiritual support. The majority of our budget comes from the kindness and generosity of individual donations like yours.

Thank you!