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Activate a new healing path to wholeness by reconnecting with your infinite self to ease the fear of death, transmute difficult emotions and obstacles into inspired presence… and embrace the gifts of life that are here now.

Be guided in a practice to tangibly feel the sacred nature of all experience — and your place in it.

What if the fear of death was the one true obstacle on your path to wholeness?

The fear that you and those you love will inevitably die one day not only limits your capacity for living fully now but undermines the part of you that is human, in physical form…

… and here to expand your soul by experiencing love, joy, sorrow, and a spectrum of emotions in a rich and colorful dimension of sensuous physicality for a limited time.

As the Executive Director of the Living/Dying Project, Dale Borglum says the fear of death is actually the root of all fears… which we can overcome by healing the divide that has separated our spiritual and physical selves.

This begins with how we process the emotions that arise with physical death — and our ability to reconnect to our infinite selves… and the true reality of life.

You’ll begin this soulful reconciliation of all that you are during this comforting online event with Dale, and activate a new path to wholeness by easing your fear of death — and the heavy emotions and uncertainty that often accompany it.

You’ll receive illuminating spiritual practices that unify your spiritual and physical nature as you explore your emotions as a gateway to embodying a deeper sense of wholeness, surrender, and peace.

Dale worked closely with Ram Dass and Stephen Levine to inspire the conscious dying movement in the West — and became the founder and director of the first residential facility in the United States to support conscious dying.

You’ll experience how liberating this approach to life and death can be as he guides you through a meditation to ground and experience your innate aliveness— your true identity and source of stability in a world that is constantly changing.

In this life-enriching online event, you’ll:

  • Learn how the fear of death is obstructing your path to wholeness — and be given steps you can take right now to ease this fear and reconnect to your true infinite nature
  • Be guided in a meditation to tangibly feel the sacred nature of all experience, grounded and embodied mindfulness, and compassion and forgiveness
  • Gain greater agency over your emotions by learning how to directly feel an emotion rather than being lost conceptually in the trigger
  • Explore your emotions as a spiritual gateway to a deeper relationship with yourself and others
  • Allow interconnectedness to help you transmute difficult emotions into compassion for all beings
  • Transmute obstacles into awakened presence by realizing the Source within each of us that does not die

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