Featured Client:
Alex Peavey
Richmond, Virginia

“Ultimately my goal is to be present with everything that is thrown at us. And there are times where I’m with my family, where I’m so elated, so joyful, and so happy and then I get struck with sadness that I will not be here. And it’s not a fear of dying or death, it’s a fear of absence, it’s a fear of not being here for my family. The Living/Dying Project has allowed me to talk through that. It’s truly spiritual hospice… I have been able to talk through some of the hardest spiritual truths there are.”

Alex used to coach college basketball then became a counselor and later the Mindfulness Coach to the VCU Men’s Basketball team.

In 2017 he was told he had cancer and the doctors didn’t think he would survive. He spent months receiving chemotherapy. 

As a husband and father to two kids, Alex has talked about feeling in limbo. He looks healthy on the outside, but inside tells another story. 

He’s been given days, weeks, and months to live for over five years as he deals with two stage-four cancers and essentially lives his life 3 months at a time.

“I have lived beyond the science. Amazing doctors have treated me but they don’t always know what to do anymore,” Alex says. “It is not their fault. Very few people have ever been in my situation — getting prostate cancer at such an early age with a secondary cancer on top of it. I am so fortunate to be alive—almost no one has made it this far.”

Meditation has always been a part of his life, and after digesting Ram Dass talks and books and listening to a podcast between Raghu Markus and Dale, he contacted the Living/Dying Project and was paired with our wonderful volunteer, Michael Podlin.

“Having the chance to speak with Michael pretty regularly has given me the opportunity to talk about the mystery of it all as well as the hard parts, and he always has the right questions and meditations to help me keep spiritual awareness at the heart of things.”

Together they’ve been exploring subjects that matter to Alex. Topics like non-duality, how to be with discomfort, and how does one experience both incredible sorrow and joy at the time same. He is a Christian and sees faith as individual as languages are, believing there are many doors to the same room. He practices Tonglen and considers Thich Nhat Hanh to be a special teacher. 
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To learn more about Alex, please visit The Peavey Project.

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