Healing at the Edge: Conscious Living, Conscious Dying
Continuing Education Training Workshop

The meditation practice which Dale teaches has been of great practical assistance to me in my spiritual growth. I especially appreciate his gentle combining of flexibility and openness on the one hand, with focused guidance on the other. The meditation practice support group provides a non-judgmental learning atmosphere where I can reflect on disentangling from archaic complexes and living my life in spirit most authentically. I experience Dale walking with us and pointing out important guideposts along the way. My acceptance of my difficult situations and myself in them is increasing as a result of this work.
~ Sandra

Dale brings the wisdom of the worlds’ great spiritual traditions into his teachings. With genuine warmth, humor, and skillful use of intuition, he meets each member where they are in their journey and guides them in developing and deepening their personal spiritual practice. In this safe and supportive space, members are free to open to their deeper selves. Participating in one of his gatherings is a wonderful gift to give yourself!