Supporting the Living/Dying Project

We are a non-profit with the mission to heal our collective and individual relationships through the awareness of conscious dying, through education and free one-on-one spiritual support.  The majority of our budget comes from the kindness and generosity of individual donations like yours.

There are four ways to support us:


Through you we are able and honored to assist people at their most sacred and vulnerable time, when they are facing death. For those with a life-threatening illness and for their loved ones, we are honored to offer one-on-one spiritual support. We continue to educate people about conscious dying and are honored to assist people through grief and life transformation.

How to Donate

Donations by check or by sending your credit card information and can be mailed directly to Living/Dying Project, PO Box 357, Fairfax CA 94978. We are a non-profit corporation and all donations are tax-deductible. You may also donate with any major credit card via Give Direct using the Donate Now button on the right side of this page or via PayPal.To donate via PayPal log into your PayPal account and send money to Using a 3rd party for donation processing helps us keep our costs low and allows us to spend more time and money on our programs!


If you or someone you know is facing a life-threatening illness and would like one-to-one spiritual support, please contact us. We would be happy to talk with you and see if we can assist you and your loved ones. Contact us at 415-456-3915 or We offer support in Alameda, Contra Costa,San Francisco,  Marin and Sonoma counties, free of charge.

Speaking Engagements

Dale Borglum has been speaking for over 30 years on the subjects of compassion, meditation as a tool for healing, conscious dying, integrating our inner spirituality into our active daily lives.  He is available for lectures and workshops locally and internationally. To schedule Dale, contact us at 415-456-3915 or


The power of prayer and love cannot go underestimated, please keep us in your hearts and your prayers.

Our Mission

Our mission is the healing of our collective and individual relationships through the experience of death and hence with life itself. When we begin to revise our relationship with death that which is most vital, meaningful and inspiring becomes the motivating center of our actions.