Interviews on Caregiving & Living with Dying

Interview on Caregiving with Dale

Healing is the movement into the experience of wholeness, the wholeness of living fully without resistance to the human world of opposites-wellness/illness, life/death, happiness/sadness, beyond the compulsion to help, while at the same time resting in the timeless Presence that includes all opposites. (Read More)

Life and Death

Death is not a light-weight subject. Says Dale Borglum; “I’ll go to a party and people will say, ‘What do you do?’ and I’ll start talking and half the people will leave the room because they don’t want it to ruin their party; and the other half are really fascinated – they want to sit down and talk about it.” (Read More)

Living with the Dying

Asked about dreaming, Baba Hari Dass once responded, “Life is also a dream and death is the end of that dream. After death another dream starts.” (Read More)

Mystery Engaged

Sandy Scull has been volunteering with our Open Circle program for 8 years. He is a Vietnam veteran, a retired licensed psychotherapist, but still an active investor— endeavoring to become less active in order to pursue interests with more heart and soul. (Read More)

Life After Diagnosis

I had the pleasure of meeting Suzanne Leider R.N., founder of Sarcoma Alliance, early this year. I was immediately drawn toward Suzanne. She was present, open, and genuine. (Read More)