Poetic Medicine:
The Healing Art of Poem-Making
with John Fox, PPM
An Experiential Workshop
Saturday, Aug 31, 2024 

10am – 11:30am PT/ 1pm – 2:30pm ET

Poem-making, when approached as a healing and transformational process, rather than with analysis and judgment, provides an opportunity for deep inner healing. It encourages connection and meaning. This is especially true when we share this experience within a community of listeners who respond and bear witness with care and non-invasive curiosity.

In this talk, John will invite the fresh sensibility and playfulness we knew as children. It will honor your unique, adult voice that has ripened over the years.

The storms you weather, living with illness, facing the mortality of yourself and others, times when you thrive, pathways you have traveled and experienced—these deserve a place on the page.

Drawing from a splendid range of sources, John will encourage you to experiment with poetic tools of metaphor, sound, rhythm, imagery and symbol as remedies to connect with your wholeness and live with greater heart.

The talk and the poetry booklet you receive will, via direct experience, provide techniques and creative ways of connecting with poetry as a volunteer, as a helping professional, as a client of the Living Dying Project.

We will hear poems that inspire and evoke, we will use writing prompts that tune us respond to life’s challenges, an appreciation of community, and blessings of common things. We will explore how empathic listening and creativity is a generative act that serves as a companion to our healing journey. Important: no previous experience with poetry is needed.

A private zoom link will be provided upon registration and we kindly ask that you do not share it as this is a fundraising event for Living/Dying Project. The event will be recorded and a replay link will be sent to all registrants within 48 hours of the event.

Proceeds go to sustain the ongoing work of the Living/Dying Project.

Thank you for your support! 

“The work you are doing is superb. You have found the chord that brings the Beloved to the surface. And makes the Buddha sweep the leaves off the path before you. It is so right.”
– Stephen Levine on John’s work


Bryce sharing his poetry with John, from PBS documentary "Healing Words"

Meet the Speaker

John Fox is a poet, educator, and author. His books include, Finding What You Didn’t Lose: Expressing Your Truth and Creativity through Poem-Making (1995) and Poetic Medicine: The Healing Art of Poem-Making (1997). His work is featured in the 2008 PBS documentary Healing Words: Poetry & Medicine. John has taught as associate adjunct professor in California at Institutes and Universities over the last 25 years. He is Founder of The Institute for Poetic Medicine a nonprofit, which provides poetry-as-healer to marginalized communities and people across the United States and around the world.

John has known RamDev Dale Borglum for 50 years when he was in contact with Ram Dass and the Hanuman Foundation. What Dale wrote at that time influenced John’s call to service. John had close contact with Stephen Levine and was profoundly impacted by his time with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.

Current Living/Dying Project volunteers, and clients who are working with volunteers,
may attend for free
and are encouraged to donate what they are able.

Email info@livingdying.org to register

May All Beings Benefit