Josh Carter’s Poem

Prospero’s Antiphon

“And my ending is despair,
Unless I relieved by prayer,
Which pierces so that it assaults mercy itself
and frees all faults.
Let your indulgence set me free.”
-The Tempest

Cide Seculorum

Blinded by blazing splendor
Seeming forever killing out the light
Life is letting out
Experience and realization
To pierce the darkest gates of night
In faith I rest
Since casting away fortune and family
I barter wisdom’s lamp for that peace
Gentle to the night
Awaiting freedom’s flight.
Farewell both delight and despair
Bound for passage
To timeless sanctuary,
hermitage of all that remains.
For what is within shall be without
All is as always together
I watch to see
Listen to know.
And shed this too for evermore.

August 2010 – James T. Carter, long-time friend of the Project, after being diagnosed with ALS