“The Subtleties of Gratitude
as a Spiritual Practice”

with LaShelle Lowe-Chardé

Founder of Wise Heart

Sunday, March 26, 2023
9am – 10:30am PT / 12pm – 1:30pm ET
Online Event
$25 – $40
Registration Closed

“Join me in diving into gratitude together. Some call gratitude practice the most powerful path for spiritual growth.

Gratitude practice is more than making a list of what you are thankful for.

Let’s explore the nuances of gratitude and appreciation practice and how this could be lived in daily life. It is a practice of “presencing” into an expansive consciousness. It involves concrete and practical skills for cultivating greater access to this profound resource for well-being and thriving relationships.”

A private zoom link will be emailed by Friday, Mar 24th end of day. Registration closes Sunday, Mar 26th @ 8am PT. This event will be recorded and a link will be sent to all registrants to view up until 30 days after.

Proceeds go to sustain the ongoing work of the Living/Dying Project.

More information about LaShelle Lowe-Chardé, founder of Wise Heart:
“My passion to create change and transformation started with my family of origin. It was as rich with love as it was with loud arguments, explosions of anger, violence, fear, and chaos. Growing up with a heart full of love and a mind wrought with confusion, I was highly motivated to find clarity and create the life of love and joy I knew was possible.

Ever since I can remember I have devoted myself to this search for living life from love and wisdom. At age six, I had a vision of living in a monastery. At age eleven I started reading books on the life of the Buddha, the New Testament, the teachings of Don Juan, quantum physics, and whatever else I could find to help me understand our spiritual purpose and relationship with each other.

This quest continued through adolescence and young adulthood and led to a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a graduate degree in school psychology. I then began work in public schools as a bilingual school psychologist. In addition to nine years in public schools, I spent several years facilitating group healing work for adolescent youth labeled “at-risk”. During that same time, I led leadership and teamwork training for businesses and organizations around Portland, Oregon E.U.

In 2001 I found Compassionate/Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and began training with Marshall Rosenberg and other internationally known NVC trainers. I immediately knew that Compassionate Communication was the missing piece. It offers a deep and broad yet simple understanding of human nature along with a concrete set of tools to help us act and live from a place of clarity and compassion. For me Compassionate Communication is the hands and feet of spirituality. In 2006, I was certified as a NVC trainer.

In 2002 I realized that my work in the schools and with youth had reached its end. I left my position as a school psychologist and spent a year living in Great Vow Zen Monastery. Here I was able to do much healing work and deeply integrate NVC into my internal dialogue. Now the inner voice of compassion arises as habitually as the old voices of self-criticism and judgment did in the past.

Upon leaving the monastery in 2003, I began offering workshops full time. I founded the English portion of Wise Heart in 2007 (our Spanish site was established in 2021). At about the same time I entered into three years of training in various mindful experiential approaches to therapy such as: Hakomi (body centered therapy), attachment theory, trauma treatment modalities, Recreation of the Self, Matrix group process, and character theory. Shortly thereafter, I completed introductory training modules in Emotionally Focused Therapy and with the Gottman Institute.

Today I enjoy a thriving life filled with friends, family, animals and nature. I rejuvenate and find play in gardening, caring for the land and animals, doing art and acroyoga. I live in community here in Portland, Oregon E.U. at Dharma Rain Zen Center with my husband who resides as the abbot.”

To see LaShelle’s next upcoming live online course, please visit: Train Your Attention To Notice What Works: Appreciation – 8 Week Series

Current Project volunteers and clients who are working with volunteers may attend for free
and are highly encouraged to donate what they are able.
info@livingdying.org to register.

May All Beings Benefit