Healing our individual and collective relationship with life and death.

Imagine facing death without fear. Imagine using a life-threatening illness as an opportunity for spiritual awakening.
Imagine approaching the unknown with an open heart.
We often resist change as a natural part of life.
Strength and healing can be found in life’s most difficult situations.

Our Mission

The Living/Dying Project offers conscious and compassionate support to those facing life-threatening illness, to their caregivers, to those facing life’s most difficult situations, and to anyone committed to spiritual transformation.

We also provide contemplative education and training to those dedicated to this transformative work.

Our Vision

We aim to create a world where every individual has access to non-denominational spiritual support for conscious living and conscious dying. By addressing the collective fear of death, we believe there will be less violence, hatred, suffering in the world and more acceptance, connectedness, and love.

Our Approach

The core work of the Living/Dying Project is healing — healing of body, mind, and spirit. Healing that is inspired and motivated by the preciousness of human life and by the fact that we will all die but we don’t know when.

If you are confronted with a life-threatening illness, finding conscious and compassionate support for deep healing is essential.

For those who are not facing a life-threatening illness, investigating our mortality and the preciousness of life can allow us to lead a fuller, richer life with more courage and less fear.

We believe that regardless if one has a life-threatening illness or not, the work is the same.

Using wisdom gathered from decades of guiding the dying, intensive meditative and devotional practices, and the study of how our psychological development often limits the fruits of our spiritual practice, we offer face-to-face, telephone, and online opportunities for deep exploration of healing. The services, practices, and guidance offered are tailored to each individual.

The map of the healing path that we use is not a shortcut, but it avoids the detours and roadblocks that are common for the modern seeker.

We are all caregivers and we are all seekers of healing.


Gov. Jerry Brown
Fritijof Capra
Joan Halifax
Jack Kornfield
Anne Lamott
Joanna Macy
Wayne Muller
John Robbins
Robert Thurman


Angeles Arrien
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
Stephen Levine