Conscious Living, Conscious Dying: Online Interactive Workshop

Eight hours of pre-recorded material and 4 hours of small group live, interactive support.

Get access to a professionally edited recording of a two-day workshop and train to be a Living/Dying Project volunteer. View the recording at your convenience and learn how to offer conscious and compassionate support to people with life-threatening illness. In addition four hours of online streaming live support with guided meditations, discussion and questions and answers are offered in 2 two-hour meetings in a small group of no more than ten people.

  • Draw upon the wisdom of Theravada Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism
  • Explore a usable model of the healing process
  • Diagnose and identify the next transformational step
  • Certificate of completions and California CEUs are available

The Journey to Wholeness

Physical healing, emotional healing, spiritual healing, collective healing — the journey to wholeness takes many forms and has as many starting points as there are people who embark upon the journey. Each of us is at a particular point on our healing path, confronting our next challenge, often without clearly knowing whether attitudes or practices we have been using to facilitate growth in ourselves or in our clients are becoming stale, without knowing which direction we should now turn to create meaningful transformation.

In this workshop, we will draw upon the wisdom of Theravada Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism, the diagnostic message coming from the connection between stages of early childhood  development and energetic patterns in the adult body, as well as the softening and passion of  heartfelt devotion. Having applied these wisdom traditions during thirty years of being a guide to  the dying, a very clear and practical paradigm for the healing path has become apparent to me.  Healing occurs through direct contact with the Sacred, through realization of our true nature.  There are no shortcuts, but certainly neither taking unnecessary detours nor spending time spinning our wheels can inspire us along what is often a difficult journey.

During this workshop we will explore together a clear, concise and usable model of the healing process that can specifically diagnose and identify the next step that is transformational for each of us, even during crisis. Short, intensive, guided meditations will be presented in order to create a healing experience rather than an experience that is about healing. We are all caregivers and are all seekers of healing. These deeply uncertain times offer an incredible opportunity.

This workshop will also benefit anyone who wants to deepen their spiritual practice. A certificate of completion and California CEUs for registered nurses will be available. After completing this training you have the option of becoming a Living/Dying Project adjunct volunteer for whom regular online support groups addressing the issues that arise in working with dying clients. Please contact the Living/Dying Project to arrange times for the live streaming support sessions.

Cost for the virtual online version of the Healing At Our Edge Workshop is $200. The course is available now. 

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To pay by check, make out to Living/Dying Project and mail to: Living/Dying Project, PO Box 357, Fairfax CA 94978

“Thank you for this course. It really has made a profound impact on my interactions and meditation practice. This accessible and engaging course has sincerely helped me to become more confident about compassionate end of life care. All people with whom I interact, personally and professionally, will benefit from the more embodied, interactive approach which I have begun to cultivate thanks to the tools provided. Dale is incredibly clear, forthright, prompt, efficient and truly warm as a facilitator and instructor.”
~ Sarah

“I really enjoyed the course; this is what has been missing from my hospice experience. Thank you,”
~ Karen

“Dale Borglum’s workshop helped me feel compassion towards myself so I could in turn be compassionate with challenging individuals. You can’t give away what you don’t have. I have more to give, thanks to Dale.”
~ Brenda

“This was the most worthwhile $200 I have spent in a long time. I was satisfied beyond expectation with the Conscious Living/Conscious Dying online program. Even with the online format I found the workshop to be positively experiential, as well as a great source of tools and information to deepen my ability to bring compassionate presence to myself and others. While this workshop equipped me further in my professional work with persons at the end of life, it was just as useful for me personally and in my interface with daily life. I was provided tools that I began to utilize right away.”
~ Laurie

California Board of Registered Nursing Provider Number 9621.  Refunds will be made only with notice given two days in advance of the workshop by calling or emailing the Living/Dying Project. A $15 processing fee will be deducted from refunds issued.


Healing At Our Edge: Ongoing Small Groups (Virtual Online Program)

For the first time, these groups that have been offered live in the Bay Area will now be offered via online streaming. The groups will be limited in size and meet for two hours once each week. If you are interested in joining a group please send an email to and we can talk about times and availability.

Find meditation, devotional, and energy practices that will make available meaningful change in your life. Together we will explore how our emotional patterns, reactions to life situations, and meditation experiences can reveal what is asking to be healed. Eastern contemplative practices assume that the practitioner loves himself, is relatively free from doubt and guilt, and is basically not neurotic. In our experience many people harbor unconscious assumptions regarding their ability to significantly deepen their relationship with self, with truth, with Presence.

Being in a supportive, small group setting will allow the uncovering of these assumptions and the discovery of the way to healing for each individual. These will not be meditation groups, but groups which use meditation to facilitate deep inner work bringing a sense of connection, connection with other and with self. These will not be therapy groups, but groups that that support opening directly to patterns that previously have blocked the experience of Presence. All that is asked of the participants is a desire to awaken.

Deep in the sea are riches beyond compare,
but if it is safety that use you seek,
stay upon the shore.

Cost for three months of a group is $450. If after the first group meeting you choose to discontinue for any reason, we will cheerfully refund your money. Please contact the Project office before registering to ensure space is still available.

Please Select a Meetup Day:

To pay by check, make out to Living/Dying Project and mail to: Living/Dying Project, PO Box 357, Fairfax CA 94978

Course Details:

Mount Kailash Length of ongoing groups: 3 months
Days & Times : Thursday (7pm to 9pm PT), or Wednesday (4pm to 6pm PT)

Workshops will be conducted by Dale Borglum, Ph.D., who, with Stephen Levine and Ram Dass, established the Hanuman Foundation Dying Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the first center supporting conscious dying in the U.S. Dale directed the center until moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. He is founder and Executive Director of the Living/Dying Project and co-author of Journey of Awakening: A Meditator’s Guidebook (Bantam Books).

California Board of Registered Nursing Provider Number 9621. Refunds will be made only with notice given two days in advance of the workshop by calling or emailing the Living/Dying Project. A $15 processing fee will be deducted from refunds issued.


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