Open Circle Program 

Support for those Dealing with a Life-Threatening Illness, with Grief, or with Caregiving Responsibilities

For Those With A Life-Threatening Illness:

The Open Circle program is free and offers support to anyone who may be newly diagnosed or who already has been dealing with a life-threatening illness. One who wishes to use this critical life event as an opportunity for awakening can receive an intake evaluation and discussion of the client’s spiritual needs, discussion of the meaning of healing, guided meditation, relaxation, centering, learning how to connect with caregivers, and become aware of the obstacles to healing.

This includes the possibilities of conscious living, conscious dying, spiritual healing, remarkable remission, and freedom without avoiding the physical and emotional needs that illness presents. Opening to this investigation, one has the opportunity to go beyond attachment, contraction, and denial – entering the path toward healing.

You will be matched with a trained volunteer who will meet with you on a free-of-charge, ongoing basis. Locally, our trained volunteers work directly with clients. We also have volunteers who can work with clients non-locally over the internet. Volunteers meet in support groups and receive ongoing training. They are encouraged to have a contemplative spiritual practice to nurture their work with clients.

Finally, we offer an ongoing support group for those facing chronic and critical illness which gives clients the opportunity to meet others who are also doing this work. We believe these services creates a special container to serve clients in their desire to practice and work with their unique situation.

We serve clients at all stages of illness from anywhere in the world — from diagnosis to recovery or death. Our intention is to be together with awareness and compassion.

What is your position on Medical Aid in Dying?
The Living/Dying project does not take a position on Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD). Our volunteers provide compassionate spiritual support to all persons and their families without regard to their choice about MAiD. We do not assist with the preparation and/or administration of any medication including those used for MAiD.

For Those Dealing With Grief or Caregiving Responsibilities:
Due to high demand, we’ve extended this program to include individuals that are dealing with grief or caregiving responsibilities and who want additional conscious support.

** Please note, this program is for individuals who reach out to us personally. Although well intentioned, when folks reach out to us on behalf of someone else, we find that we are often met with confusion or resistance. If you feel your loved one could benefit from working with a volunteer, have them look at our website, social media, attend a support group, listen to the podcast, etc., and if they are interested, they are welcomed to email or call us to set up their own intake appointment.

Next Steps
If interested in joining the Open Circle Program, email to schedule an intake call. During this call we would learn more about you and your situation as this information helps us in matching you with an appropriate trained volunteer.

After the intake, it takes about 2 – 7 days to be matched with a volunteer. You’d begin meeting with them on a regular basis, typically once a week for an hour, but this can change depending on your schedules. Typically folks meet over phone or zoom, unless you live in an area where there is a local volunteer who could visit in-person. This relationship can be an emotionally healing opportunity for you (and the volunteer) as you navigate the challenges of illness, grief, or caregiving.