Fresh from a trip to Guatemala, RamDev guides us on letting go of separateness and surrendering into wholeness.

“Right now we can begin to rest in the wisdom that we are not the body and the personality. To the extent that we really get that, our true nature becomes revealed.” – RamDev (Dale Borglum)

Back from his Guatemalan adventure, RamDev returns to answer questions and discuss:
  • Near-death experiences and how he answers the question, “What happens when you die?”
  • Non-duality from the lens of Sri Nisargadatta
  • Trusting the spaciousness of the open, compassionate heart 
  • The friction between grasping and surrendering
  • Compassion as the stepping stone to non-duality and the nature of the open heart-mind
  • Aloneness bringing us closer to oneness

Photo via SNP_SS

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