In this episode of Healing at the Edge, RamDev dives into cultivating qualities to respond to the artificial intelligence disruption.

“By you working with your uncertainty, you’re realizing that so many people are feeling the same poisonous emotion. By you having compassion for that, you’re helping other beings because of our interconnected nature. You’re doing this for all beings.” – RamDev (Dale Borglum)
Reflecting on the increase in collective fear that comes with moving into uncertain times, RamDev explores:
    • The qualities we can cultivate in response to the disruption caused by artificial intelligence
    • Our interconnected nature and how doing the inner work benefits all beings
    • The potential benefits and dangers of A.I.
    • The balance of wisdom and compassion
    • Discerning uncertainty from anxiety and working with those emotions
    • Dharma Talks scripted by ChatGPT
For a deep exploration of this topic, listen to this interview with Mo Gawdat.

Graphic via GarryKillian

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